Letter to My Future Self, Who Changed the World

You made it! Youre traveling the world and living your dream life. Remember back in 2016 when you first dreamed of this moment? Remember sitting in your blue paisley chair visualizing how it would feel to make an impact on millions of lives?

You inspire women across the world to believe in themselves and have the confidence to pursue their goals. You teach women in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand the skills they need to start their own business. Many underserved communities benefit from your work.

As you know, this didnt happen overnight. The road to success was not an easy one; there were potholes, pitfalls, ditches, sudden turns.

You almost gave up. Many times. You wrote article after article in hopes that you helped someone overcome their fears and doubts. You needed to read those same articles often to remind yourself of what you taught others.

Fear and doubt consumed you, sometimes. You awoke in the middle of the night thinking about online courses, social media posts, how you were going to pay your rent. You wondered if this struggle was worth it. You wondered if you were reaching the women you so desperately wanted to help. You wondered where your next paycheck would come from.

You knew leaving your toxic corporate job was worth it. You convinced yourself you were on the right path, the truest path for your life. But still, doubt crept in. Am I doing what Im meant to be doing? Is anyone even reading, listening, watching?

You taught women that they already had everything they needed to live the life they dreamed of. Yet, you sometimes didnt believe it for yourself. You asked, who am I to teach people how to be better coaches? Who am I to be the expert on finding life purpose? But you were the expert, and you taught many women to find their voices as coaches and healers.

You taught women how to be better business leaders and entrepreneurs; they learned from your failures. Hell, you learned from your failures. You didnt let them stop you, despite those nagging voices in your head telling you you werent good enough.

You didnt let fear, overwhelm, doubt, or unease stop you. You had a bigger purpose. You were meant to change the world. So no matter how loud those voices screamed, you screamed back. You told them to shut-the-fuck-up-because-Im-doing-big-work. You told them that you had a voice and women around the world needed to hear it.

The first few years of your entrepreneurial journey were hard, but you found your rhythm. One day, the voices started to quiet down. Remember that day when you didnt hear them at all? They finally agreed that you were doing the work you were meant to do, helping the women you were meant to help.

How many lives were changed because of you? One thousand? Ten thousand? One hundred thousand? Millions? The ripple effect you created with your voice was massive. You taught women how to help one another, how to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. How many lives did those women change? And those women after them?

You brought brightness and positivity into a dark, negative world. You brought hope to communities who otherwise would have given up. You brought passion and purpose into homes, schools and businesses. You made a difference every day.

You did it you changed the world. One woman at a time, yes. One woman who helped another woman, who helped another woman. One woman holding space for many. One woman showing other women how to let their light shine.

You did that. Your heart, passion, courage and conviction did that. Your words did that.

Now here you are, soaking up the love you built over the last few years. You traded in your blue paisley chair for a view of the Persian Gulf. Savor this feeling; it only comes to those who earn it. And you did.

Writing a letter to your future self is a powerful way to boost your confidence, improve your motivation and solidify your goals. You can write your own letter to your future self using this free guide.