3 Things You Can Do Today To Be More Obsessed With Your Life

Imagine a world where we wake up every morning and say, Wow, I just cant get enough of my life!

Imagine being so in love with what we do and who we are that we feel genuinely happy every day and share our happiness with those around us.

Imagine always knowing the right decisions to make so that all of our dreams fall willingly into place.

Unfortunately, thats not reality for most of us.

Most of us have at least one area of our life that we are unhappy with. Something we wish we could change or improve.

Most of us struggle with knowing the right decision to make and how these decisions will impact our future.

The reality is that everything we need is already within us. We simply need to allow ourselves the time and space to discover who we are and what it will take to be more obsessed with our lives.

That obsession can start tomorrow if we do these three things today:

1.Set a vision

How will we know which turns to make if we dont know our final destination? Picturing what our ideal life will look like and how we will feel when we achieve it is a powerful way to motivate us to accomplish our goals.

Setting the vision helps us understand our why. It combines who we are with what we value. Armed with our vision, we can then set goals that will take us step by step toward the life we desire.

Lets say our vision is to make gluten-free desserts more accessible to the community. We chose this because we are gluten-free ourselves and know how difficult it is to find desserts that are affordable, available locally and taste great, too. We are also passionate about baking and love bringing our creations to parties for our friends to sample. Our vision includes opening our own gluten-free bakery where we cant keep our desserts on the shelves. Customers begin to spread the word, and we become a huge success.

Got the picture? This vision makes us feel amazing. We can imagine waking up every day loving what we do, and this gives us motivation to set realistic goals. We know what we need to do.

2.Identify roadblocks

Sometimes, even when we are very clear on our destination and know which turns we need to make, something gets in our way.

The bad news? Roadblocks like fear, self-doubt or a setback can stop us in our tracks. We are afraid of what others may think about us if we share our vision for the future. We doubt our ability to be successful in achieving our goals. We let small setbacks deflate and dis-empower us.

The good news? It only takes a shift in mindset to start again. If we pay attention to our thoughts and how we feel when thinking about our vision, we can start to identify what stops us. When we understand what stops us, and more importantly why, we can create a plan to help us get back on the road.

Back to our bakery scenario: So far our vision is just a dream, because we are afraid that if we tell our coworkers that we are quitting our job to start our own gluten-free bakery, they will say were crazy. We know we can make it work, so when fear starts to creep in, we confide in our best friend who sets us back on the path toward our vision.

3.Take powerful action

Now that we can picture our destination, know what choices to make and goals to set, and understand how to keep ourselves heading in the right direction, its time to take action.

Many times we set goals without having our vision in mind. We achieve the goal, so we set a new one. But we are no closer to our ideal life than when we started. We get caught up in a cycle of mindless action and forget why we set those goals in the first place.

To design the life we want, the action we take is determined by our vision. When we focus on actions and tasks that align with our vision, we can actually see our progress toward our future.

With our vision in mind, we can determine the steps necessary toward making our dream a reality. Some of the actions will be to develop a business plan for our bakery, come up with a name and logo, get a loan from the bank, find a great location, and create exciting new recipes our customers will love.

Breaking down our vision in to small steps like these make achieving our dreams more manageable. We can start to see progress as we follow through with these actions.

The Takeaway

Designing a life were obsessed with is easier than it sounds. All we need is a clear picture of the life we dream of, a plan for staying focused on our vision, and specific actions that will move us closer to our goals. Everything we need is inside of us. We just need to be ready to bring it out.

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